Argent has specialized in designing, fabricating, and distributing a wide variety of self-adhesive, die-cut solutions for over 40 years. As a premier full-service tape converter and distributor, we work with multiple markets nationally and internationally.

Automotive & Transportation

Argent has specialized in designing, fabricating and distributing a wide variety of self-adhesive die-cut solutions that meet OEM Specifications for over 40 years. We supply adhesive-backed foam, film, foil non-wovens, plastics, labels and fabric spec materials to Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, and other automotive suppliers and tiers.

Contact us for all of your automotive needs: Acrylic Foam Tape, ARV5106 Poly Tape, Bridge-it™ Spacer System, Cloth Tape, Double Coated Foam Tape, Double Coated Tape, 3M™ Dual Lock™, Flock Tape, Foam Composite, Foam Tape, Aluminum Foil Tape, LDPE Tape, Non-Woven Tape, Plainbacked Foam, Polyester Film, 3M™ Pop-In Dual Lock™, Rubber , 3M™ Scotchmate™, Structural Adhesive, 3M™ Thinsulate™, Traction Film, Transfer Tape, UHMW Film, Urethane Film, Wirestrap™, ARV3000.

Medical & Healthcare

We have recently expanded our market focus to include medical and healthcare with durable and reusable bonding and fastening solutions. This includes a variety of custom die-cut tapes, films, re-closable fasteners, as well as disposable products such as diagnostic test strips and stick-to-skin products such as electrodes. We also offer the assembly of various materials ranging from metal and rubber, to glass and low surface energy plastics.


For over 40 years Argent has been serving industrial customers as a converter, fabricator, and distributor of custom adhesive solutions. Our ability to adapt, innovate, and solve issues has expanded through the years to include; bonding, attaching, sealing, masking, protecting, gasketing, shielding, and conducting.


Our extensive capabilities give us the ability to work within the electronics industry with great success. From prototype to production, we can manufacture your most complex components utilizing laser technology to produce parts with tight tolerances and small intricate shapes. We also provide automated assembly and high repeatability to keep your project on time and within budget.

Aerospace & Defense

As a United States Government certified Veteran Owned Small Business, we proudly work with the U.S. Military on many projects. We have the drive and capabilities to produce precision parts in the United States, for the United States.

“Argent quickly provided us with samples to be used on a prototype, which was crucial to our timeline and project overall. Thank you. — Nissan