We make sure you get the most from your die-cut product. With the largest available selection of products, features, and finishing options, we’ll produce a self-adhesive solution optimized for both your application and assembly processes.

Precision Die-Cutting

We make sure you get the most from your die-cut product. With the capability to produce unlimited part configurations and the largest available selection of products, features, and finishing options, we’ll produce a self-adhesive solution optimized for both your application and assembly processes.

  • Anti-Shatter, Anti-slip, Anti-Squeak Products
  • Bonding, Attaching, Fastening
  • BSR / NVH, Acoustical Insulation, Wind Noise & Sound Dampening
  • Gasketing, Masking, Cushioning, Protecting & Sealing
  • Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic Products
  • Electronic shielding & conductive components
  • Spacers, Shims & Washers


Specialty lamination can greatly expand the physical attributes and performance characteristics of raw materials. These specialty composites may be custom-engineered and manufactured to deliver a variety of enhanced properties such as: increased thickness, superior adhesion of dissimilar materials, improved abrasion resistance, and enhanced sound-deadening properties to name only a few.

Challenge us with your own specialty material performance requirements and together we’ll custom engineer and manufacture a composite for your unique application needs.

Laser Cutting

Laser-converting allows for automated assembly, high repeatability, and small intricate shapes.

Some of the benefits laser web-converting:

Greater part design freedom with increased capability: smaller dimensions, more intricate shapes, narrower wall thicknesses, tighter tolerances, greater repeatability, solve most attachment challenges.

Increased manufacturing process design flexibility: tool-free design changes, kerf width control, greater part-to-part spacing options, increased choices in method of part supply.

CNC Cutting

CNC Cutting makes die-less cutting the logical solution compared to traditional die-cutting when using very thick materials, complex shapes, short or medium runs, and increase production flexibility. CAD systems are often used to design patterns.


Flexographic printing refers to web-based printing processes using a flexographic printing plate. While simple one or two color printing of part information is most common, our specialty cut products are available in up to six. Four color processing is also available.


Perforation refers to a series of intermittent cuts usually designed to cause a specialty-cut product to tear, bend, or fold in a specific location. Argent offers a variety of perforations to function in a number of specialized applications. Consider perforating parts or pads to simplify assembly by dispensing from a roll. Provide protection during shipment by leaving a cut product in its sacrificial matrix. Or rely on Argent to manufacture a perforated component engineered to perform under stress, such as in safety or sealing applications.


Argent Offers Lathe Slit Rolls & Rewind Slit Rolls.

Lathe slitting involves spinning master rolls on a rotating mandrel. A single CNC-driven blade performs highly repeatable pre-programmed cutting operations. A variety of materials can be efficiently and accurately lathe-slit due to precise microprocessor control over blade and mandrel movement. Lathe-slit rolls are available in a variety of standard and custom lengths, widths, and diameters.

Rewind slitting involves winding a master roll through a series of cutting blades and CNC-driven, rotating, articulating mandrels. While somewhat slower than lathe slitting, rewinding delivers the highest quality slit rolls, even of the most delicate materials. Rewind slitting offers a number of product features, high capability at very narrow widths, and allows for core/ reel substitution and changes to roll length/ diameter. Rewind-slit rolls are available in a variety of standard and custom lengths, widths, and diameters.


Our standard options for product finishing and packaging, including light component and kit assembly. Maximize assembly efficiency, increase performance, or add value by combining the finishing options best suited to your unique application.

As an extension of our custom packaging, finishing, and assembly services, Argent offers our customers the limited benefit of specialty kit packaging. We’ve manufactured a variety of dealer-kits featuring a number of diverse components like printed instructional inserts, molded parts, and die-cuts.

Cut & Sew

Argent provides sewing services for parts that require alternative methods of closure and fastening. Examples include: Air curtain protective wraps and specialty interior components.

Clean Room Capabilities

For assembly of durable or reusable devices such as diagnostic equipment, you can rely on Argent for bonding and fastening solutions for assembly of materials ranging from metal and rubber, to glass and low surface energy plastics. For disposable products such as diagnostic test strips and stick-to-skin products such as electrodes, we can offer wide variety of tapes, films, and reclosable fasteners die-cut to your specification.

Sub-Assembly & Finishing

Argent offers the added benefit of a variety of sub-assembly and finishing services to complement our diverse product line. These include: Improved Bonding & Print Surface, Industrial Sewing, Island-Placement, Flexographic Printing, High-speed Ink Jet Printing, Labeling, Pad Printing, Adhesion Promoter Application, Adhesive Tape Application, Custom Packaging, Kit Packaging, Light Component Assembly, and Protective Film Application

Plastic Extrusion

Argent incorporates plastic extrusion in combination with self-adhesive fasteners, such as 3M Dual Lock and Hook & Loop closure systems, where they cannot be used effectively alone. Our Bridge-It system is a good example of this.


Argent uses a forming process to produce parts that require conformability to the mating surfaces. Flexible aluminum/non-woven heat shields are an example of this application.

“Without exception my Argent rep responds promptly, is extremely knowledgeable with all of Argents offerings and delivers as promised every time. — Ford Motor Company