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We are committed to making sure that every one of our customers gets the most out of their die-cut products. We are proud to boast the largest available selection of products, features, and finishing options in the industry.


Argent is an expert in laminating, with capabilities to create products from simple 2 layer composites to multi-layer complex structures. These specialty composites may be custom-engineered and manufactured to deliver a variety of enhanced properties such as: increased thickness, superior adhesion of dissimilar materials, improved abrasion resistance, and enhanced sound-deadening properties to name only a few.

Rapid Prototyping

Sometimes you might not be sure exactly what solution will work best for your application, or you know exactly what you need but time is of the essence. In either case, let Argent help you with your challenges. With typical turn-around times of 24-48 hours, Argent can produce parts quickly and affordably.

Precision Die-Cutting

  • Anti-Shatter, Anti-slip, Anti-Squeak Products
  • Bonding, Attaching, Fastening
  • BSR / NVH, Acoustical Insulation, Wind Noise & Sound Dampening
  • Gasketing, Masking, Cushioning, Protecting & Sealing
  • Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic Products
  • Electronic shielding & conductive components
  • Spacers, Shims & Washers

Argent has the capability to produce nearly limitless part configurations. With a large selection of products, features, and finishing options available, Argent will produce a self-adhesive solution optimized for both your application and assembly.

Laser Cutting

  • Greater part design freedom & more intricate shapes
  • Narrower wall thicknesses
  • Tighter tolerances & greater repeatability
  • Can solve most attachment challenges
  • Increased manufacturing process design flexibility
  • Tool-free design changes
  • Greater part-to-part spacing options
  • Increased overall choices in method of part supply

In addition to allowing us to produce very smaller and intricate shapes, laser cutting can also sometimes be an effective option when lead times and cost of conventional tooling just doesn’t make sense.

Die-Less Cutting

Argent CNC Cutting capability makes die-less cutting the logical solution compared to traditional die-cutting when using very thick materials, complex shapes, short or medium runs, and offers increased production flexibility.


Argent can slit rolls of material in a variety of disciplines, including Lathe Slit Rolls & Rewind Slit Rolls. Materials can be efficiently and accurately lathe-slit due to precise microprocessor control over blade and mandrel movement. Lathe-slit rolls are available in a variety of standard and custom lengths, widths, and diameters.

Rewind slitting offers several product features, high capability at very narrow widths, and allows for core/ reel substitution and changes to roll length/diameter. Rewind-slit rolls are also available in a variety of standard and custom lengths, widths, and diameters.


Argent provides sewing services for parts that require alternative methods of closure and fastening. Examples include: Air bag protective wraps and specialty interior components.


Argent’s flexographic printing capabilities provides the ability for us to print on a multitude of different substrates, including paper, films and plastics.

Assembly & Finishing

Argent offers the added benefit of a variety of sub-assembly and finishing services to complement our diverse product line. These include: improved bonding & print surface, industrial sewing, island-placement, flexographic printing, high-speed inkjet printing, labeling, pad printing, adhesion promoter application, adhesive tape application, custom packaging, kit packaging, light component assembly, and protective film application.

Product Delivery Systems

The term, delivery system, describes the method of supply of a specialty-cut product. Maximize assembly efficiency, repeatability, and return on piece price by selecting the delivery system best suited for your application and assembly process.

Individual Pieces

Individual pieces are parts supplied as separate entities, and usually bulk-packed. Components typically supplied as individual pieces are those that are either: larger, lower volume, or hand assembled, due in part to their relatively low piece price and tooling costs.

Generally Recommended for:
Hand Assembly

Roll Form

When supplied on rolls, parts are delivered via a continuous release liner wound around a core. Products typically supplied on rolls are smaller, less than two feet wide by two feet long, and typically much smaller.

Best suited for higher volume parts, this highly economical method of supply provides an efficient delivery mechanism by facilitating automation or simply expediting hand assembly. Manufacturing parts on rolls also provides additional consumer benefits; parts may be supplied with nearly any feature.

Generally Recommended for:
Hand Assembly
Fixtured or Other Assembly
Automated Assembly

Sheet & Pad Form

Supplied on sheets, a pre-determined number of self-adhesive parts are delivered via a release liner of fixed length and width. Products typically supplied on sheets are those that might be used together, as in a kit, or those which cannot be wound around a core.

This versatile and economical method of supply also provides efficient part delivery by facilitating sheet-fed automation or simply expediting hand assembly. Manufacturing parts on sheets provide additional consumer benefit; parts may be supplied with nearly any feature. Matching pad quantity to application needs can simplify assembly.

Generally Recommended for:
Hand Assembly
Fixtured or Other Assembly
Automated Assembly

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Challenge us with your own specialty material performance requirements and together we’ll custom engineer and manufacture a composite for your unique application needs.

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