ABI ProtectRite® 8510 Surface Protection Film

Nicky Liepa

ProtectRite 8510 is a 3mil UV stable co-extruded polyolefin film with a solvent rubber adhesive system. This adhesive system offers uniform adhesion over a variety of surfaces and can be applied over partially cured paints and coatings.

PUL 0612 High Performance Protective Film

Brianna Hemphill

PUL 0612 is a clear-coated thermoplastic urethane protective film, specially designed to preserve the appearance and integrity of automotive finishes. The film is ideal for protecting high-wear areas from chipping, weathering, and most other types of environmental damage.

ARV3010 – UHMW Tape 10-Mil

Futuramic Media

These products are pressure-sensitive tapes using Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene film with an aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive. UHMW Originally designed to prevent wear on industrial conveyor system chain guides, UHMW is an excellent choice for any automotive application requiring a strong thin barrier between squeaking components in close contact with each other. UHMW tape is a heavy-duty, ultra-high …