Creative solutions for automotive manufacturers, OEMs and suppliers.

Argent is a leader in the automotive manufacturing industry, helping OEMs and suppliers of all sizes develop effective solutions using our diverse material converting services. We leverage our extensive capabilities and deep industry experience to solve complex problems for automotive manufacturers. Our team understands the issues unique to automotive applications and can help manufacturers select, source and convert high-quality materials to create products that enhance vehicle performance.

Complete solutions for OEMs and suppliers

Argent is a Tier 1 supplier and we regularly work with some of the world’s top OEM brands. But we also work with fellow Tier 1 suppliers as well as Tier 2, Tier 3 and other suppliers to provide complete solutions for the entire automotive industry. Our depth of experience working at all levels of the automotive supply chain allows us to develop innovative solutions for a wide variety of projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve a diverse range of automotive customers and deliver solutions that add value throughout the product development lifecycle.


Argent has experience developing creative solutions for a wide range of automotive applications. From panel bonding and other attachment applications to NVH/BSR and sealing projects, we help our customers solve their biggest challenges. Our engineers work to understand each application in detail so we can offer guidance and develop solutions that not only enhance components, but also provide strategic business benefits. Whatever your application requirements, Argent is here to meet the your needs and exceed expectations.

Some of the most common applications we create solutions for include:

  • Noise prevention
  • Adhesion/bonding
  • Thermal management
  • Cushioning
  • Sealing
  • Surface protection
  • Attachment


At Argent, we don’t just manufacture parts and components. We help solve problems. Our solution-focused approach helps us identify opportunities for greater efficiency and product improvements. Our wide range of converting capabilities allow us to create solutions that enhance assemblies assembly and the overall manufacturing process. By working to understand not only the application requirements, but also the bigger picture, we deliver solutions that truly move our customers forward.

Some of the solutions we develop include:

  • Adhesive-backed products
  • Thermal management solutions/Barriers
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Surface protection
  • Attachment products


Argent engineers are experts in materials science and use their knowledge to help our customers select the ideal materials for a given application. We can help identify alternative materials, when necessary, and use our converting services to help automotive manufacturers maximize the value of their selected materials. Argent is also a 3M Preferred Converter, which means we have priority access to high quality 3M materials. It also means Additionally our customers enjoy access to 3M resources and support, including lab testing. The combined power of Argent’s materials expertise and strong supplier relationships help our customers enhance products and speed turnaround time.

Some of the most common automotive manufacturing materials we work with include:




Acoustic absorbers

Heat shields

Acrylic foam tapes

Protective films

Dual-lock systems

Thermal interface materials (TIMs)

Specialty materials

Automotive supplier solutions

As a tier 1 automotive OEM provider, die cutter and converter, Argent International is a recognized leader in the automotive industry.

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