Application Solutions

Argent manufactures a comprehensive array of specialty-cut products that are engineered to meet today's performance requirements. They are also rich in value-adding features, and highly customizable.


Stop the fragmentation of plastic components during airbag deployment!   

Our self-adhesive Anti-Shatter Tape™ helps prevent plastic fragmentation from occurring, and can strategically contain other potential projectiles during the deployment of air-bags. Consider Argent's Anti-Shatter Tape™ as a cost-saving alternative to expensive resins and thick plastic trim components.

U.S. Patent Pending

Primary Applications
Argent's Anti-Shatter Tape™ is used to structurally reinforce automotive interior trim components and is typically used on the: side curtain, pillars, glove box, IP, etc.

Anti-Slip / Anti-Skid

Self-adhesive Anti-Slip / Anti-Skid film can function as a dual-purpose product, providing permanent surface protection in addition to its core purpose as a traction-enhancing agent. Anti-Slip/ Anti-Skid films are manufactured in primarily two varieties. The first has a very coarse sandpaper-like finish, while the second has a softer, yet effective, textured rubber-like finish. Available in clear, black, and gray with a permanent, weather-resistant PSA.

Typical Applications Include:
Stairs, wet areas, ramps, plant safety areas, running boards, truck bed liners.

Acoustic & Sound Abatement

Reduce Interior Noise
Reducing noise in vehicle cabins is a dilemma that challenges many engineers today, and with customers demanding quieter vehicles, you are left searching for improved and more cost-effective solutions. Argent offers a variety of acoustical insulation and absorption materials that are designed to isolate the passenger compartment from road and vehicle noise. Each application is custom made to fit your specific requirement for noise abatement or filtering.

Typical Applications Include: console, door panels & fender panels, engine noise & insulation, headliner, instrument panels, pillar, and trunk & trim panels

Features & Benefits
Argent can help you engineer a quieter ride with 3M Thinsulate, urethane foam and polyester materials. To help satisfy your design constraints, the product die cuts easily; are sealable; and can be adhesively, thermally or sonically fastened to various substrates. In addition to fabricating, we can laminate thermal barriers such as aluminum foil directly to these light-weight materials, which create a unique solution for demanding environmental conditions.

Bonding & Attaching

Adhesives are widely used in a growing number of automotive components for the majority of vehicles manufactured today. Specialty die-cut adhesives provide a proven, effective, and economical attachment solution for a broad variety of applications, including components such as: trim, molding, badging, and cladding. All of our unique adhesive composites can be custom converted to meet the needs of your specific application.

Typical Products Include:  3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape, VHB, transfer tape, double-coated tape, double-coated foam tape and structural adhesive tape.

Solutions for Attachment Brochure (PDF)


Buzz, squeak, and rattle, also known as NVH, are typically caused by vibration between mating components. BSR can represent a significant problem by affecting a consumer's perception of the quality or value of an automotive product. Fortunately, Argent has developed a variety of low-cost solutions to your BSR issue. All of our unique composites can be custom converted to meet the needs of your specific application.

Typical Products Include: UHMW, LDPE, foam tape, flock tape, non-woven, ARV3000, ARV3200.

Solutions for Buzz, Squeak & Rattle Brochure (PDF)

Electrical Components

Argent offers many options for your electrical components. From prototype to production, we have the capabilities to manufacture your most complex components. Consider Argent’s laser technology for producing your parts with tight tolerances, automated assembly, high repeatability, and small intricate shapes.

EMI Shielding

Shielding tapes are designed to contain signals emitted from your components, thus preventing interference with other circuits. They also can be used to seal out random signals in the environment to protect sensitive equipment. The ease of installation offered by the pressure sensitive adhesive saves labor and provides cost-effective, long-term shielding. We offer a variety of EMI and RF shielding tapes that are die-cut to your exact specifications.

Typical applications include:  Shielding around electronic cabinet doors and panels, used as ground planes or shields for electronic cables and connectors, used between transformer coil windings, or used on individual electronic components and cables.


High-performance, alternative fasteners are widely used in the attachment of a growing number of automotive components. Rolled goods, specialty die-cuts, and custom designed products, provide proven, effective, and economical attachment solutions for a wide variety of applications. Alternative fasteners provide a number of competitive and economical advantages over traditional mechanical fasteners.

Typical Products Include: 3M Dual Lock, 3M Dual Lock Pop-In Parts, 3M Scotchmate, Bridge-it, Wirestrap.

Solutions for Fastening Brochure (PDF)

Gasketing, Cushioning, & Sealing

A wide variety of high-performance, non-metallic materials are used in automotive gasketing and sealing applications today. These specialty die-cuts provide a proven, effective, and economical solution for a wide variety of applications. All of our unique materials and composites can be custom converted to meet the exacting needs of your specific application.

Typical Products Include: Rubber, self-adhesive foam, plainbacked foam, double coated foam tape, ARV5106.

Solutions for Gasketing & Sealing Brochure (PDF)

Heat Shielding

Argent offers a heat shielding product called Thermal Dissipating System Solutions (TDS) and is one of the industry’s most cutting edge family of heat shields.  TDS shields are comprised of high-performance aluminum sheeting, fiber composite and a uniquely engineered, high temperature, pressure sensitive adhesive on the back for attachment.  Some of the main features and benefits of these include:  OEM specification tested, rapid prototyping, available with short lead times for production, eliminates buzz, squeak and rattle which is common on traditional stamped shields, and low tooling investment costs. Solutions for Heat Shielding (PDF)

Hole Covers

Frame holes, drain holes, and access holes represent only a few of the applications for our hole cover composites. While essential to manufacture and maintenance, if left unfinished, these holes can develop a variety of problems such as wind noise or sealing issues. Fortunately, Argent has developed a variety of low-cost alternatives to rubber or plastic hole-plugs. Our solutions to your hole cover challenges are significantly easier to install and host a variety of other advantages. All of our unique composites can be custom converted to meet the needs of your specific application.

Typical Products Include: ARV5106, UHMW, PVC foam tape, polyester film tape, and cloth tape.

Solutions for Hole Covers Brochure (PDF)

Labeling & Identification

Argent Tape & Label is a strategic business alliance to Argent International, and a certified member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Argent Tape and Label specializes in the manufacturing of custom labels and tags in up to six colors of ink. Our labels are available in a variety of face stocks, adhesive systems, and release liners. Contact us for more information.

Typical Label Products Include: pressure sensitive, four-color process, RFID tags, zoned adhesive, consecutive & sequential barcode, glove box tags, and security labels. Visit Argent Tape & Label:


Whether you need masking tape slit down to rolls, perforated to tear, bend or fold, or simply die-cut to a special shape. Argent offers a variety of 3M Masking Tape options.

Medical Products

For assembly of durable or reusable devices such as diagnostic equipment, you can rely on Argent for bonding and fastening solutions for assembly of materials ranging from metal and rubber, to glass and low surface energy plastics. For disposables like diagnostic test strips and stick-to-skin products such as electrodes, we can offer wide variety of tapes, films, and reclosable fasteners die-cut to your specification.

Packaging & Specialty Kits

Our standard options for product finishing and packaging, include light component and kit assembly. Maximize assembly efficiency, increase performance, or add value by combining the finishing options best suited to your unique application.

As an extension of our custom packaging, finishing, and assembly services, Argent offers our customers the limited benefit of specialty kit packaging. We’ve manufactured a variety of dealer-kits featuring a number of diverse components like printed instructional inserts, molded parts, and die-cuts.

Protective Materials & Surface Protection

Both temporary and permanent self-adhesive, surface protection products have grown in use in the automotive industry — especially those used on luxury vehicles. Consumers have come to demand a higher level of quality that must be preserved throughout the manufacturing process and on to retail environments. Surface protection products vary widely, including: perforated, temporary film, vehicle exterior wrapped arounds, permanent, nearly invisible, and urethane films that protect wheel flares from stone impingement. Argent has developed a variety of low-cost solutions for all your varied surface protection needs.

Typical Products Include: Urethane Film, LDPE Film, Foam Tape, Traction Film.

Solutions for Surface Protection Brochure (PDF)

Reflective & Luminescent Adhesive Backed Products

Composed of a highly flexible, durable, adhesive coated sheeting designed for areas that require bright night-time light reflectivity needed to increase safety.

Spacers, Shims & Washers

Argent manufactures precision shims and spacers from materials such as 6/6 Nylon, ABS, and polypropylene, with and without adhesive. Available in various thicknesses, our shims and spacers are used throughout the OEM and Tier 1 supply chain for quick fixes, as well as long term solutions.

Water Proofing

Foam tapes are typically used to seal gaps and prevent water, dust, and air intrusion. Self-adhesive foam tapes provide reliable performance; Argent has a variety of proven tapes in our tool box to seal off water from entering through various fastener locations. Our specialists will work with your design and engineering teams to build a custom, self-adhesive die-cut solution for your specific application.

Wind Noise & Sound Dampening

Wind and other undesirable road noises can be caused by a variety of factors. These irritants can represent significant problems by affecting a consumer’s perception of the quality or value of an automotive product. Fortunately, Argent has developed a variety of low-cost solutions to address your varied sound dampening and abatement needs. All of our unique composites can be custom converted to meet the needs of your specific application.

Typical Products Include: Foam Composite, LDPE, Foam Tape, 3M ThinsulateTM and Foil Tape.

Solutions for Wind Noise & Sound Dampening Brochure (PDF)

Sub-Assembly & Finishing Services

Argent also offers the added benefit of a variety of sub-assembly, finishing, and forming services to complement our diverse product line. We offer our customers the added benefit of thermoplastic extrusion and injection molding on a limited basis. These manufacturing processes, in addition to metal stamping, serve as a value-adding extension of our light assembly capabilities.

We manufacture fully-assembled subcomponents and dealer-kits, including: clips, spacers, and a variety of custom fastening products which call for tight tolerances. Our formed products can support many of your subassembly needs. Contact us to review your self-adhesive, sub-component design.

“I have needed product on short notice several times now for a Chrysler program, and was very impressed with the response from Argent. Thanks! — Magna