Argent IP Products

Argent's expansive family of innovative Product Solutions address a variety of challenges and situations. These products include: Wirestrap™, Bridge-it™, and our Epoxy Washer System.

Anti-Shatter Tape

Stop plastic components from fragmenting during airbag deployment!  

Our self-adhesive Anti-Shatter Tape™ helps prevent plastic fragmentation that can produce projectiles during the deployment of air-bags. Consider Argent's Anti-Shatter Tape™ as a cost-saving alternative to both expensive resins and thicker plastic trim components.

U.S. Patent Pending

Primary Applications
Argent's Anti-Shatter Tape™ is used to structurally reinforce automotive interior trim components and is typically used on pillars, glove box, and IP.


Argent's New Anti-Squeak Tape - ARV3000!

  • Argent's ARV3000 Anti-Squeak Tape stops squeaks as effectively as UHMW at a significantly lower cost.
  • ARV3000 is approved at General Motors, Chrysler and Ford* and is now available to help lower your costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Argent's ARV3000 provides an excellent alternative for any BSR application requiring superior abrasion resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and the flexibility to conform to complex, compound surfaces. ARV3000 meets all applicable domestic automotive performance requirements, and is fully approved by GM, Chrysler and Ford, materials engineering (Ford with exceptions).
  • Low cost vs UHMW
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent adhesion to LSE automotive surfaces

Typical BSR Applications

  • Eliminate buzz and squeak sounds (NVH) in automotive applications
  • Create an abrasion resistant surface
  • Reduce friction between surfaces to create a 'slip pane' effect
  • Add abrasion resistance to foams & other soft materials


Argent's Bridge-it™ spacer system provides a versatile array of modular fastening Solutions. 

Bridge-it™ was developed to simplify automotive interior attachment by bridging gaps between mating components like headliners and door-panels, which can present engineers with a variety of fastening and fitment challenges throughout the design process. Bridge-it™ addresses these challenges through a versatile array of fast, simple, and inexpensive fastening solutions.

U.S. Patent: 7,390,057 and other patents pending

Primary Applications

  • Employ Bridge-it™ in hot melt, blind fastening, or repositionable applications
  • Apply with conventional fasteners to stop rattles or increase strength
  • Utilize on specialty vehicles or optional equipment components
  • Save on low-cost design changes and applications 
  • Solve challenging, specialty points of attachment

How Bridge-it™ Works
Constructed of ABS plastic, Bridge-it™ provides a strong stable platform to bridge gaps between mating surfaces of automotive interior components.  Bridge-it™ is highly versatile; it can be provided in an infinite variety of special shapes, sizes, self-adhesive materials, hot melt adhesives, and fastening products like 3M's™ Reclosable Fasteners. Bridge-it™ provides modular fastening solutions that are fast, simple, and inexpensive. 

Glue Distribution in Hot Melt Channels
Most commonly, Bridge-it™ is configured for use with hot melt adhesives and 3M's™ Dual-Lock™.  Hot Melt Channels drive molten adhesive deep inside Bridge-it™ to maximize bonding, improve glue distribution, and add mechanical retention to your primary substrate.  3M's™ Dual Lock™ securely fastens Bridge-it™ to an opposing surface. With its 'blind fastening' and re-closable capabilities, Dual Lock™ allows for alignment flexibility; making component assembly easier and more efficient.       

Unlimited Shapes, Sizes & Configurations
Bridge-it's™ profile is completely customizable. Solve nearly any fastening challenge with Bridge-it's™ infinitely variable length, width, and height. Or solve your application challenge by creating a special profile.

EPOXY Washers

Argent's Epoxy Washer System uses a thermosetting epoxy film to permanently adhere metal washers to automotive hinge assemblies. Our thermosetting washers provide a number of process benefits; they simplify assembly, eliminate potential quality issues from welding operations, and don't require any special skills to install.

Primarily used for 'doors-off' assembly processes, Argent's Epoxy Washer System maintains door-to-frame alignment for trouble-free door re-attachment later in the assembly process. Our Epoxy Washers are supplied conveniently on re-useable trays. Argent's Epoxy Washer System is currently and/or has been in production at Daimler-Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Mazda and other OEMs.
U.S. Patent/s: 6,669,428 & 7,143,895.

Primary Applications for Epoxy Washers:

  • Fasten washers or locating-plates to: doors, hinges, or frames - without welding
  • Conveniently reinstall doors after 'off-line trim' and other 'doors-off' operations
  • Install washers to dirty or oily metal surfaces
  • E-coat compatibility
  • Full cure in paint-cycle ovens
  • High torque strength

How the Argent Epoxy Washer System Works:
Manufacturing processes outlined are for illustrative purposes; our versatile system allows for many possible uses.                 

1. Door aligned to body
Operator loads door to tooling fixture. Door swings down to body and aligns with door-hinges ( pre-attached to body ). Operator installs temporary bolts and Epoxy Washers; after cure, Washers will adhere to door-hinges, preserving bolt location in slotted holes and overall door alignment.
Door is left on body. Vehicle is sent through E-coat and paint cycles. 'Washer' adhesive system cures.

2. Door removed for 'trim-out'
Operator removes door and recycles temporary bolts. With the door removed, vehicle and door assembly can continue concurrently without impediment from each other.
Door assembly continues off-line with trim. Vehicle assembly continues with 'doors-off.'

3. Door re-attached
During final assembly, operator re-attaches door and installs bolts through pre-located holes created by Epoxy Washers; no realignment is needed

Protective Materials & Surface Protection

Both temporary and permanent self-adhesive, surface protection products have grown in use in the automotive industry — especially those used on luxury vehicles. Consumers have come to demand a higher level of quality that must be preserved throughout the manufacturing process and on to retail environments. Surface protection products vary widely, including: perforated, temporary film, vehicle exterior wrapped arounds, permanent, nearly invisible, and urethane films that protect wheel flares from stone impingement. Argent has developed a variety of low-cost solutions for all your varied surface protection needs.

Typical Products Include: Urethane Film, LDPE Film, Foam Tape, Traction Film.

Solutions for Surface Protection Brochure (PDF)


Simplifying fastening one application at a time
Wirestrap™ is a flexible, self-adhesive fastener that provides a number of advantages over traditional mechanical fasteners like pop-in clips and cable ties. Its self-adhesive design allows for installation on almost any vehicle surface without troublesome holes required by traditional fasteners.

Wirestrap's™ greatest advantage lies in its customizable design. It can be supplied in a variety of sizes, configurations, and a range of available fastening materials which enable Wirestrap™ to perform in a number of automotive applications.

U.S. Patent/s: 5,827,589, 6,698,068, 6,631,335

Primary Applications for Wirestrap™:

  • Re-route a wire-harness path at any time in the design / manufacturing process
  • Apply with conventional fasteners to stop rattles, pick up slack, & more...
  • Utilize on specialty vehicles or optional equipment components
  • Prevent damage: can't be over tightened, has a wider footprint
  • Save on low cost design challenges and applications
  • Solve most attachment challenges

How Wirestrap™ Works:
Wirestrap™ is designed for use in both permanent and temporary wire-harness fastening applications without the need for tools, holes, or other preparation. Wirestrap™ works in any manufacturing process. It can be applied at any stage of production and can be supplied on rolls, custom size pads, or as individual pieces. View this quick video for a demonstration: Wirestrap Demo Video

Using Wirestrap™ couldn't be simpler. Just remove it from the roll by grasping the tail, and apply to the desired location (Figured 1). Remove Wirestrap's™ release liner to reveal the second adhesive surface, (B) and place the wire bundle just below the adhesive line. Fold the 'tail' over and press it firmly in place to achieve optimal adhesion (Step 2).

“Without exception my Argent rep responds promptly, is extremely knowledgeable with all of Argents offerings and delivers as promised every time. — Ford Motor Company