Argent utilizes over 250 different raw materials & adhesives!

Argent’s diverse global suppliers are renowned for their quality and innovation. As a custom solution provider, Argent has collaborated with many of these exceptional manufacturers for over 40 years; 3M, Gaska, Dewal, Flexcon, HB Dynamics, Jacobs & Thompson, Penn Fibre, Foamex, JDC and MANY MORE!

Don’t see it? Just ask. Argent utilizes over 250 different raw materials & adhesives, including: pressure sensitive adhesive, transfer tape, single-coated tape, double-coated tape, removable / repositionable adhesives, release liners, paper, film, fabrics, non-woven, copper foil, aluminum foil, open cell foam, closed cell foam, urethane foams, Bisco silicone foam, plastics & rubber, felt, Teflon, vinyl, hook and loop, electrical shields, UHMW, anti-squeak material, medical tape, non-wovens, polycarb, Kapton, Ultem, high-temp film, Polymask, Scotchgard and numerous other materials. 

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