Custom Converting


We convert materials to create custom solutions for manufacturers in automotive, medical, aerospace and other industries. We deliver industry-leading, custom-engineered adhesive solutions and in-house tool building to help our partners solve complex challenges.

Acoustic Management

  • Acoustic management
  • Absorb high or low frequency noise
  • Address difficult to treat noises
Reduce noise in vehicle cabins with acoustic insulation and sound abatement solutions. Our custom die-cut solutions using industry-leading insulation materials help reduce road and vehicle noise.
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Bonding and Attaching

  • Can reduce the need for mechanical fasteners
  • Can be custom die-cut for specialty applications
  • For interior and exterior applications
Custom adhesive solutions provide durable bonding for a variety of attachment applications, including trim, molding, badging and cladding. Adhesives are typically lighter and more economical than traditional mechanical fasteners.
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  • Quieter interiors
  • Smoother ride
  • Improved marketability
Buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) can be deal-breaking issues, particularly for electric vehicles. Using the latest in adhesives and polymers, we help manufacturers improve noise control to create better end-customer experiences.
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Gasket and Sealing

  • Help prevent intrusion of contaminants
  • Composites can be custom blended
  • Available with a variety of adhesives
We use our unique materials and composites to create custom gasketing and sealing solutions that help improve product performance. Our flexible solutions are durable enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions and are used across a variety of industries and applications.
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Heat Shielding

  • Prevent parts from overheating
  • Weight savings over traditional stamped heat shielding applications
  • Reduces noise
Our industry-leading TDS (Thermal Dissipating System) heat shields are a proprietary solution that use high-performance materials and engineered adhesives to improve thermal management performance.
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Alternative Mechanical Fastening

  • Available with “blind fastening” and reclosable capabilities
  • Available as a cost-effective alternative to mechanical wire harness fasteners
Alternative fasteners provide competitive and economic advantages over traditional mechanical fasteners. Custom die-cut non-mechanical fasteners are used in a growing number of automotive applications and for other industrial components.
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Reinforcement Tape

  • Tested at extreme temperatures
  • Alternative to resins and plastic trim
Our self-adhesive reinforcement tape can structurally reinforce automotive interior trim components to minimize fragmentation, particularly during air bag deployment.
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Surface Protection

  • Preserve quality throughout the manufacturing process
  • Protect automotive finishes from injection mold stage to dealership
  • For exterior and interior applications
Protecting and maintaining the integrity of surfaces is important across industries. From films to foam tapes, we convert high-quality materials to provide custom surface protection solutions available in both temporary and permanent adhesive systems.
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Tape and label

  • Four-color printing process
  • Sequential barcode capabilities
We specialize in creating custom labels and tags using a variety of face stocks, adhesive systems and release liners. We offer a four-color process to meet branding needs and can create serialized barcodes, glove box tags and security labels.
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Hole Covers

  • Alternatives to rubber or plastic
  • Easy install
Our hole cover composites help seal frame holes, drain holes, access holes and more to eliminate wind noise and improve ingress protection. Our hole covers are easy to install and can be converted to tight tolerances to meet your unique needs.
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Automotive supplier solutions

 As a tier 1 automotive OEM provider, die cutter and converter, Argent International is a recognized leader in the automotive industry.

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