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Reduce Interior Noise

Reducing noise in vehicle cabins is a dilemma that challenges many engineers today, and with customers demanding quieter vehicles, you are left searching for improved and more cost-effective solutions. Argent offers a variety of acoustical insulation and absorption materials that are designed to isolate the passenger compartment from road and vehicle noise. Each application is custom made to fit your specific requirement for noise abatement or filtering.

Typical Applications Include: console, door panels & fender panels, engine noise & insulation, headliner, instrument panels, pillar, and trunk & trim panels

Features & Benefits

Argent can help you engineer a quieter ride with 3M Thinsulate, urethane foam and polyester materials. To help satisfy your design constraints, the product die cuts easily; are sealable; and can be adhesively, thermally or sonically fastened to various substrates. In addition to fabricating, we can laminate thermal barriers such as aluminum foil directly to these light-weight materials, which creates a unique solution for demanding environmental conditions.