Argent provides custom die-cut solutions for the automotive industry specifically designed to help dampen, control, or eliminate sound and vibration. Buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR), also referred to as noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), is caused by unintended contact or vibration between components. BSR issues occur when two mating components vibrate or grind against each other, creating a problem because the unwelcome noise can affect consumer perceptions of vehicle quality. Additionally, BSR/NVH can wear down joints and affect material surfaces, potentially compromising component performance.


Acoustic Damping

Managing sound from structural resonance can be achieved by integrating damping material to vehicle structures. These materials help to dissipate BSR/NVH. The most common practice for acoustic damping is to use specialized materials for absorbing sound.


Vibration Control

To mitigate the noise that results from unwanted vibration, the physical transmission of sound must be interrupted. This can be achieved through damping compounds, vibration-absorbing materials, or through mechanical solutions.

Materials and applications for our bsr/NVH solutions

Common materials used to create BSR/NVH solutions include foams, rubbers, UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), PSA tapes like VHB tape and double-coated transfer tape, silicone, felt tape and more. But selecting the right material means finding the one best suited to your application requirements, as well as your budget and manufacturing processes.

Argent can not only source a wide range of materials using our strong relationships with major suppliers like 3M, but our engineers can help guide materials selection by working to understand your project in detail. We can then convert those materials — including specialty materials — to meet your specific application requirements.

Our materials science expertise and eye for innovation can help identify other ways to mitigate BSR/NVH issues and add value to your project as well. With some forethought, solutions can pull double-duty in helping to solve complex challenges.

By thinking comprehensively about your application requirements, we can help develop the perfect BSR/NVH solutions to add value to your custom components.

Common BSR/NVH Materials We Convert

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Originally designed to prevent wear on industrial conveyor system chain guides, UHMW is an excellent choice for any automotive application requiring a strong thin barrier between squeaking components in close contact with each other. UHMW tape is a heavy-duty, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene film with excellent abrasion resistance. Available in both clear and black, UHMW is also well suited to applications with aesthetic considerations.


Low-Density Polyethylene tape performs in low-cost BSR applications that require abrasion resistance and flexibility. This composite utilizes an aggressive acrylic adhesive system, which sticks very well to most surfaces including complex curves and angles. Typical applications might include use as an anti-squeak and abrasion barrier between plastic, fabric or vinyl-covered components.

Foam tape

Typical uses for foam tape include BSR applications that require both sound dampening and moderate abrasion resistance. Foam tape is often used to span larger gaps between mating components, such as in a headliner assembly or the IP. Available in a variety of types, densities, thicknesses and custom high-performance adhesive systems, foam tape is highly versatile. For applications requiring additional abrasion resistance, films may be laminated to the composite.

Flock tape

Flock tape excels in applications that require abrasion resistance and moderate sound dampening. Flock tape’s dense nylon fibers form a cushion between mating components and resist crushing to effectively stop most squeak and rattle challenges. Our flock tape utilizes an OEM tested and approved, high-performance adhesive system, which provides excellent adhesion to most substrates. Its high-performance and low cost make it an excellent choice for a variety of BSR applications.

Non-woven and felt tape

Flexibility and thinness are the key attributes of non-woven and felt products, which make it well suited to applications that require both moderate abrasion resistance and conformability. Non-Woven tape may be supplied with a variety of adhesive systems depending on the specific performance requirements of a given BSR issue. Typical applications might include use as a slip barrier between polystyrene, metal or plastic components.

BSR/NVH solutions

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