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3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape (ECATT) varies in thickness to meet defined gap requirements. Adhesion is achieved through adhesive type and bond line thickness. Adhesion types include standard adhesion (allows for easier rework and good assembly performance), high adhesion (provides for greater holding strength), and enhanced reworkable adhesion (has high-adhesion and low-adhesion sides to the tape to enhance rework).


  • Standard adhesion transfer tape allows for easier rework and good assembly performance
  • High-adhesion transfer tape provides for greater holding strength
  • Enhanced reworkable transfer tape has high-adhesion and low-adhesion sides

EMI/EMC – 3M™ EMI/EMC Materials Solutions for protecting electronics from the effects of electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge, which includes the following solutions/applications:

  • Shielding and grounding
  • EMI absorption
  • NFC, WPC, and magnetic shielding

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