Gasketing & Sealing


Argent can produce custom gasketing and sealing solutions for the automotive industry and beyond. Our die cutting and other converting capabilities help deliver proven, effective and economical solutions for a wide variety of applications. All of our unique materials and composites can be custom converted to meet the exacting needs of your specific gasket or sealing application.

Gasketing & Sealing Applications

Argent can create custom gasketing and sealing solutions for a range of applications, including:

  • Ingress protection
  • Reducing BSR/NVH
  • Gap filling for HVAC systems
  • Fuel system sealing
  • Sealing door and roof panels

The Argent Gasketing and sealing solutions Value

We can manufacture a wide range of gasket sizes with tight tolerances using our advanced die cutting capabilities. We match our process to meet each customer’s unique needs and can assist with materials selection to ensure excellent performance and durability.

  • Always tested against OEM specifications
  • Industry-leading gasketing technology
  • Prototyping available with short lead times

Gasketing and Sealing Materials



With proven performance and exceptional durability, sheet rubber is a go-to material for many gasketing and sealing applications. Available in various formulations, from 100% neoprene to custom blended composites, rubber is used extensively in a wide range of interior and exterior automotive applications. Epichlorohydrin rubber (ECH/ECO), for example, has excellent fuel, oil and ozone resistance, and exhibits excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures. Both ECO and ECH gaskets are weather, ozone, sunlight and oxidation resistant. They are also resistant to many harsh chemicals, which makes them ideal for use in industrial applications that involve solvents.

Self-adhesive Foam

Typically used to seal gaps and prevent the intrusion of dust, water and air, self-adhesive foam provides reliable performance in most gasketing applications. A large variety of product types are available, but PVC, neoprene blend, polyethylene and polyester/urethane are used predominantly because of their unique individual properties. All of these materials are available with a variety of adhesives.

Plainbacked Foam

Like the self-adhesive variety, plainbacked foam is typically used to seal gaps and prevent the intrusion of dust, water and air. When attachment is not a concern due to mechanical retention or other means, plainbacked foam provides a variety of gasketing and sealing options.

A large number of product types are available, but PVC, neoprene blend, polyethylene and polyester/urethane are used most commonly.


Double-Coated Foam Tape

Double-Coated Foam Tape (adhesive on both sides) can create an effective seal when mating components need to be bonded. We can convert double coated foam tape using different types of adhesives to create custom sealing solutions.

Argent ARV5106

For a low-cost alternative to molded rubber and plastic seals, Argent’s ARV5106 is your solution. Constructed of flexible low-density polyethylene film and a very tacky high-performance acrylic adhesive system, ARV5106 is ideal for use on smaller applications where strength and flexibility are required. ARV5106 can easily wrap around corners and conform to complex surfaces, enabling it to excel where rigid materials or molded plugs are less effective.

Gasketing and sealing solutions

 As a tier 1 automotive OEM provider, die cutter and converter, Argent International is a recognized leader in the automotive industry.

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