Hole Covers

Argent has developed a variety of hole cover solutions as low-cost alternatives to rubber or plastic hole-plugs. Our solutions to your hole cover challenges are significantly easier to install and provide a variety of other advantages. All of our unique composites can be custom converted to meet the needs of your specific application.

Hole Cover Applications

Frame Holes

Sometimes holes are necessary for manufacturability or maintenance, especially in automotive frame components. But if left unfinished, these holes can develop a variety of problems such as wind noise or sealing issues. Argent custom hole covers for automotive frames and other structural components can help reduce wind noise, create environmental seals and improve the end user experience.

Drain Holes

Argent produces drain hole covers to stop water intrusion and prevent wind noise. Offered in a variety of materials that can be converted to any size and shape, we can create a part that meets your performance requirements for your application.

Access Holes

For applications that require access holes for routine operation or maintenance, we can create custom hole covers that are easy to remove and replace multiple times without wearing down or becoming damaged.

Benefits of custom hole covers from Argent

  • Eliminate wind noise
  • Ensure watertight seals
  • Cost effective

Hole cover materials

Our unique composite materials provide significant benefits compared to rubber or plastic hole covers. However, we always tailor every solution we create—including materials selection—to best fit your application requirements.

Typical materials we use to produce custom hole covers include:

  • ARV5106
  • UHMW
  • PVC foam tape
  • Polyester film tape
  • Cloth tape

Hole Cover Supplier Solutions

As a tier 1 automotive OEM provider, die cutter and converter, Argent International is a recognized leader in the automotive industry.

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