Reinforcement Tape

One of the most crucial safety features of a vehicle is the airbag. For auto makers, it’s essential to consider all elements of airbag manufacturing and implementation, including what occurs when the airbag is deployed. One of the biggest risks after an airbag deploys is the resulting projectiles, which has led manufacturers to develop solutions to contain that fragmentation using specialty tapes.

Our self-adhesive Reinforcement Tape helps minimize plastic fragmentation from occurring and can strategically contain other potential projectiles during the deployment of airbags. Consider Argent’s Reinforcement Tape as a cost-saving alternative to expensive resins and thick plastic trim components.

All of our unique materials and composites can be custom converted to meet the exacting needs of your specific application, including our reinforcement tape.

Reinforcement Solutions

Argent has developed a patent-pending tape solution with fragmentation prevention and projectile mitigation in mind. Our self-adhesive Reinforcement Tape helps prevent plastic fragmentation and can strategically contain potential projectiles during the deployment of airbags.

Reinforcement Tape

Reinforcement tape is typically used in automotive trim components to reinforce materials and help prevent fragmentation during air bag deployment. This material composite is made of a polyester weave fabric and a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Reinforcement tape can be used successfully on a variety of common automotive surfaces including stainless steel, polycarbonate (high surface energy plastic), polypropylene (low surface energy plastic) and ABS.


Common applications of Argent’s Reinforcement Tape include any scenario where materials need to be reinforced to prevent projectiles and fragmentation from airbag deployment.

  • Pillars
  • Door Panels
  • Ips
  • Seats


  • Can be custom converted
  • Cost-saving alternative to expensive resin
  • Lower-weight alternative to thick plastic trim components
  • Has been used at extreme temperatures (–40° C )

Reinforcement tape solutions

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